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consulting on & facilitating clinical trials

WNICER's research programs aim to shorten the time from discovery to patient application. We have a membership of 50+ lead investigators from top institutions in more than 10 countries worldwide. The Group collaborates on trial design and multi-centre recruitment. 

Expertise: Some of the expertise our members bring include: clinical trial design and execution; project management; outcomes research and biostatistics; research methodology; recruitment strategies; mechanistic trials; utilization of electronic health databases to conduct pragmatic trials; registry data management; standardized data capture for pragmatic clinical trials; and design of cardiac imaging protocols for multi-centre clinical trials, to name but a few. WNICER also has relationships with academic research organizations who can provide research infrastructure to operationalize clinical research projects. 

Get Involved:

There are many ways to participate in WNICER's clinical trials initiatives:

  • Sponsor a trial

  • Participate as a co-investigator 

  • Enroll your centre in an on-going trial

  • Participate as a research subject on on-going trials

  • Consult with the WNICER group to design a trial

Send an email to WNICER to request more information.

research grants

One of WNICER's goals is to provide investigators with seed money towards pilot and feasibility studies that would generate preliminary data - with the end goal of being able to apply for national grants e.g. through the NIH.  

Get Involved:

We welcome sponsorship from industry and other organizations to fund these pilot study initiatives.  Please send an email to WNICER for more information on how we can partner with us.



Interested in participating as a research subject in one of our supported initiatives.  Please click below to find out how.



Interested in supporting WNICER or one of its initiatives?  Contact us to explore different options.


Interested in partnering on one of our Initiatives?  Please click below to email us.


Looking for other innovative ways to support WNICER.  We would love to speak with you.

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