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about wnicer

The Worldwide Network for Innovation in Clinical Education and Research (WNICER) is a multinational not-for-profit network that impacts global health through cutting edge clinical research, timely and pragmatic symposia and continuing medical education (CME) programming, clinical trial design and execution services, artificial intelligence (AI) analytics and decision support tools, and clinically relevant consulting.

WNICER’s mission is to improve human health through better understanding the interrelationship of chronic diseases. This is achieved through collaborative and innovative approaches to consultingeducation, & research.

Our people: Uniquely built on the model of partnership, WNICER is a diverse, clinician/investigator-based consortium comprised of world-class international experts from academic, not-for-profit and private spheres. Our Network spans 10 countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, and the UK), 27 cities, 60+ lead investigators, 400+ team members, and a one billlion+ population base. Click here for a list of our Network members. 

WNICER's Strategic Partnerships

WNICER implements programs that shorten the time from discovery to patient benefit, including: 

  • innovative clinical trials

  • translational research

  • implementation strategies that impact clinical care and clinical practice


WNICER develops insights that increase our knowledge of health and disease, leading to: 

  • improved quality of healthcare globally 

  • development of solutions that can improve clinical and economic outcomes 

  • direct benefit to patients, providers, payers, and society 


WNICER maintains dynamic CME capabilities that ensure that clinical trial insights are rapidly disseminated and implemented by healthcare professionals.

Click here to view a summary of our expertise.

Click here to view a non-exhaustive list of clinical trials and publications by WNICER members.


WNICER Capabilities Overview

  • Consulting

  • Clinical Trial Design and Implementation

  • Global Clinical Trial Network

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Data Analytics Platform

  • Clinical and Economic Outcomes Studies

  • Continuing Medical Education Programs

  • Symposia and Conferences

  • COVID-19 Clinical Trials

  • Sponsor of the Cura Foundation and the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture’s Fifth International Vatican Conference

  • Thought Leadership and Key Opinion Leader Insights

WNICER Consulting Overview

Content expertise and thought leadership in cardiovascular and cardiometabolic syndromes and related linkages, including:

  • Coronary disease, structural heart disease, heart failure, electrophysiology, cardiac imaging

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Inflammatory diseases

  • Cardio-oncology

  • Migraine

  • Environmental associations to health and disease

  • Social determinants of disease 


Bench to bedside translation:

  • Pharmacologics

  • Medical devices, wearables, sensors 

  • Novel diagnostic and therapeutic pathways

  • Personalized medicine platforms


Healthcare delivery:

  • Integrated systems of care

  • Multidisciplinary clinical program development

    • Cardio-oncology, cardio-diabetes, cardio-neurology, structural heart disease and heart teams, multimodal cardiac imaging

  • Project management/co-management

  • Post COVID-19 telemedicine, virtual care, and remote patient monitoring


WNICER Clinical Research Programs

WNICER Clinical Research Programs include:

  • Clinical trials consulting: feasibility, design, sample sizing, budgets

  • Prospective trial design and execution

  • Registry data analysis and research

    • Population health

    • Health outcomes

    • Health economics/outcomes

    • Electronic health records

    • Big data

    • AI

  • Project management

  • Global sites

  • Partnerships with existing academic and clinical research organizations 

The strategic partnerships we forge help to strengthen our Network and mutually move our agendas forward. One of WNICER’s closest partners is The CURA Foundation: a global health movement with the passionate purpose to improve human health. CURA unites public and private sectors, partnering with doctors, patients, business leaders, philanthropists and thought leaders to collaborate and create breakthroughs around the world. They drive change through genomics, artificial intelligence, and big data to support and deliver the regenerative medicine revolution. They champion healthy bodies that resist disease, and work to help people live longer, better lives free from suffering. For more information on CURA, please visit

WNICER Educational Programming Capabilities

  • Create and manage scientific colloquia in collaboration with clients, focused on important scientific questions tailored to target audiences

  • Develop collaborative research symposia

  • Produce web-based educational content 

  • Publish high level manuscripts in high impact journals 

  • CME development 

    • Set objectives

    • Develop high value, state-of-the art content

    • Recruit faculty

    • Apply for accreditation

    • Event management and logistics

    • Communication and marketing

    • Financial management

    • Stakeholder relations

    • Program evaluation

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