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about wnicer

The Worldwide Network for Innovation in Clinical Education and Research (WNICER) is a clinician/investigator-based consortium comprised of world-class international experts from the academic, not-for-profit and private spheres.


The consortium’s mission is to improve human health through better understanding the interrelationship of chronic diseases. This is achieved through employing collaborative and innovative approaches to education and research.

To-date, the network has focused its research and education on areas of non-communicable cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease. However, in recognition that chronic diseases are interrelated, the network is now expanding its scope to include other chronic conditions such as cancer and neurological disorders.

When it comes to tackling the burden of disease, the consortium's strength lies in its collaboration and diversity. Leaders and investigators are drawn from a variety of fields, disciplines, specialties, and geographic locations. Membership encompasses 10 countries, 27 cities, 50+ lead investigators, 400+ team members, and a one billlion+ population base. This enables WNICER to facilitate the conduct of impactful global trials that promote social change and improve treatment approaches to reduce morbidity and mortality worldwide. Click here to see a list of some of our investigators and their specialties














Another one of our strength lies in our strategic partnerships. One of WNICER’s closest partners is the CURA Foundation: a global health movement with the passionate purpose to improve human health. CURA unites public and private sectors, partnering with doctors, patients, business leaders, philanthropists and thought leaders to collaborate and create breakthroughs around the world. They drive change through genomics, artificial intelligence, and big data to support and deliver the regenerative medicine revolution. They champion healthy bodies that resist disease, and work to help people live longer, better lives free from suffering. For more information on CURA, please visit

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